This time, something more personal ...

How exciting! When I was last in the U.S. (September 2021), participating in the “Presentation Summit,” I was invited to take part in a panel recorded for our leading podcast – “The Presentation Podcast.”


That was such a great experience!

We gathered five women who own presentation businesses to talk about the challenges we face nowadays – as women.


It turns out that no matter where we are from, the challenges are the same. We discussed how we are addressing these challenges, what we think needs to be done by us, as women, and shared general ideas on empowering others.


Recently, the episode went live (here is the link to Spotify – our talk starts at the 15:00 minute mark):…


In general, “The Presentation Podcast” is recommended to anyone who is interested in the world of presentations. Twice a month, three industry leaders talk about everything new in our industry, share updates from their studios, and interview interesting guests.
It’s worth going to  the podcast site  – in addition to the interesting pins you can also find links to all the plugins, articles, and books they refer to.


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