Investor Presentations

You have reached an investor, but you are trying to set up a meeting ...

Investors want to see a presentation in order to get the sense of the venture: not just the product or the team – but mainly to understand if it is a real business opportunity or just an idea.

They want to know the entrepreneur has a strong understanding of the business side, and that they won’t waste their valuable time.

The right way to get investors on board is by getting them excited about the venture. You need to show them very quickly why it is a good idea for them to invest in your venture.
The quicker the investor understands both the vision and the “dry” data, the more likely they are to set a meeting with you.

Remember, you are not the only one addressing the investor.

You need to be memorable, to make the desired impression.

Consulting and preparing presentations for investors

A correct investor presentation should highlight the advantages of the venture, while demonstrating control over the data, objectives and action plan.

In order to achieve the desired results, all of the following aspects must be addressed professionally and qualitatively:


    • Why? Our vision, why now, what is the opportunity

    • Product / Service – Product Description, Technology, Main Features, Demo Videos.

    • Who – The team and the value that each members brings to the venture.

    • Market Potential – Market Characteristics, Market Size, What need we are responding to.

    • Competitive Advantage – Differentiation, strategy, innovation, competition gap.

    • The business Model – How we reach the final consumer, where the profit multiples are located.

    • Sales forecast – The numbers, the assumptions, the market, our marketing strategy.

    • Needs and Road Map – How much money we need, what for, for how long.

    • Financial Data and Schedules – Cost Structure, Flow, Budget and Growth Forecast, Milestones and Risk Management, Investment Plan.

    • Summary – Investment feasibility, preferred investors.

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Here is a guide I prepared

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