Have You Ever Tried to Tell A Data Story?

or Ever Found Yourself Saying Any of the Following?

I’m only showing plain numbers. Why don’t they get it?”

“When I start my presentation, why does everyone start checking their phones and email?”

“Why am I working sooo hard to explain the direction to take when the data so obviously shows it?”

I’ve heard comments like the ones above, and more, from frustrated people who had tons of data to prove their point, to support their findings and yet – they were having a hard time getting people to see their point.


That’s where I come in – I help data people change the way they present their information and results so that “non-data” people can easily understand the point. 

I show data people how to go from presenting data to communicating insights and connecting the dots. Then everyone understands!

How can I help you?

Keynotes & Webinars

Presenting data to non-data people can be challenging. 
First of all, I suggest sharing insights rather than just presenting data.
Using Data Visualization and Storytelling techniques will make any data presentation easier for the audience to digest and help ease their decision-making process.


My Keynote & my webinars address both data and “non-data” people, explaining the difference and offering some key points to focus on when creating data presentations.



How to present data?


Tailor-made workshops for small, medium, and large-sized companies.


“Hands on” workshops, with every-day examples.


Strategy – What are the 3 Important questions we need to ask before starting the presentation?

What is Storytelling?Not “little red riding hood”… this is a technique. How can we adapt this technique to create a better (data) presentation?
How to present texts?

How to present processes?

How to present numbers?

What charts should we use?

How to make charts for “non-data” people

Half day or full day workshops.

do it for you!

A business presentation is an important tool, especially when stakeholders must decide based on your data.

Data people often think that just showing an Excel or even a BI report is good enough. Most times – it is not.

They will often paste the charts or reports from Excel into Powerpoint and send them to the stakeholders.


Without strategizing, simplifying, and transforming data into insights, and insights into actions, these two amazing tools will not securely get you to the decision you were looking for.

When you don’t have the time or the skills, I will work with you to understand the needs, analyze the existing data and create the presentation for you.

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