Navigating the Investor Landscape

Unlocking the Right Opportunities for Your Startup Introduction: Welcome to this three-part article series on navigating the investor landscape to unlock the right opportunities for your startup. As an experienced consultant and presentations expert who has worked with dozens of early-stage startups, I understand the significance of securing the necessary funding to turn your vision […]

The myths behind Investor Presentations

The myths behind investor presentations What is a good Investor Presentation? What do investors expect to know about your venture? In this webinar, I gave in front of Startup Mentors, consultants, and finders, I addressed some myths and thoughts of mine. This is a recording from a GVI event. For more details about GVI : […]

What should a good Investor Presentation Includ?

What should a good investor presentation include? Lately I have addressed this topic in a few webinars and lectures.     In addition to the short article I published, I made a short video, explaining what I think that a good Investor Persentation should include: In addition, I gave a short webinar on this topic. […]


FIVE MISTAKES IN INVESTOR DECKS YOU WANT TO AVOID Discussing the product instead of the business Entrepreneurs are naturally enthusiastic about their venture and breakthrough product. About its potential, and how it’s going to affect people’s lives. But what interests and inspires investors is the business and its value, the combination and synergy between an […]

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