Navigating Chart Chaos

Why Excel Skills are Essential in Today’s Data-Driven World In the fast-paced arena of modern business, the ability to convey complex data through charts is invaluable.   Yet, it’s here, in the midst of rows and columns, that many professionals find themselves at sea. The challenge isn’t just about creating charts; it’s about crafting charts […]

Mastering Investor Presentations: From Business Plan to Pitch

Mastering Investor Presentations: From Business Plan to Pitch Introduction Investor presentations are a crucial step for startups seeking funding. The challenge lies in effectively translating a business plan into a compelling pitch. This blog post explores how to craft an investor presentation that resonates with potential investors, using key elements of your business plan as […]

Investor Pitch Decks: What Investors in Early Stage Startups Expect

Investor Pitch Decks: What Investors in Early Stage Startups Expect In today’s rapidly changing economic landscape, innovative startups stand at the cusp of golden opportunities. While challenges persist, the drive to succeed remains unwavering. At the heart of this drive lies the capacity to articulate a visionary idea to those who can fuel it with […]

The myths behind Investor Presentations

The myths behind investor presentations What is a good Investor Presentation? What do investors expect to know about your venture? In this webinar, I gave in front of Startup Mentors, consultants, and finders, I addressed some myths and thoughts of mine. This is a recording from a GVI event. For more details about GVI : […]

What should a good Investor Presentation Includ?

What should a good investor presentation include? Lately I have addressed this topic in a few webinars and lectures.     In addition to the short article I published, I made a short video, explaining what I think that a good Investor Persentation should include: In addition, I gave a short webinar on this topic. […]

This time, something more personal

This time, something more personal … How exciting! When I was last in the U.S. (September 2021), participating in the “Presentation Summit,” I was invited to take part in a panel recorded for our leading podcast – “The Presentation Podcast.”   That was such a great experience! We gathered five women who own presentation businesses […]

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