Navigating the Investor Landscape

Unlocking the Right Opportunities for Your Startup Introduction:   Welcome to this three-part article series on navigating the investor landscape to unlock the right opportunities for your startup. As an experienced consultant and presentations expert who has worked with dozens of early-stage startups, I understand the significance of securing the necessary funding to turn your […]

“The Power of Data Presentation: Understanding the World’s Population”

“The Power of Data Presentation: Understanding the World’s Population” Have you ever stumbled upon a report or a video that completely grabbed your attention, making you pause and ponder over the presented numbers? I recently did while searching for data on the world’s population. I came across a report by the United Nations that was […]

The myths behind Investor Presentations

The myths behind investor presentations What is a good Investor Presentation? What do investors expect to know about your venture? In this webinar, I gave in front of Startup Mentors, consultants, and finders, I addressed some myths and thoughts of mine. This is a recording from a GVI event. For more details about GVI : […]

What should a good Investor Presentation Includ?

What should a good investor presentation include? Lately I have addressed this topic in a few webinars and lectures.     In addition to the short article I published, I made a short video, explaining what I think that a good Investor Persentation should include: In addition, I gave a short webinar on this topic. […]

This time, something more personal

This time, something more personal … How exciting! When I was last in the U.S. (September 2021), participating in the “Presentation Summit,” I was invited to take part in a panel recorded for our leading podcast – “The Presentation Podcast.”   That was such a great experience! We gathered five women who own presentation businesses […]

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