5.4 million tons. Can we really grasp this number?

5.4 million tons. Can we really grasp this number? In a previous post, I wrote about DATA VISUALIZATION or, for short, DATA VIZ.   There are those who are familiar with the concept and others who are less familiar – but both will automatically think of tables, graphs, pie charts and columns.   From a […]

Data and storytelling – is it a new concept?

Stortytelling and data go way way back… I wrote this article about data visualization for the “Presentation Guru” website a few years back, but it’s just as relevant today as it was then. So I thought I’d share it with you.   Visual communication has been around since cavemen painted on walls in prehistoric times. […]

Planning Presentation as a Project

Planning a presentation – is just like planning any project Every business presentation, and certainly presentations that need to motivate others to act, should be conducted as a project in every way. Planning your presentation begins with defining the project itself (in this case the presentation’s objectives), building a work plan that includes preparing and […]