Data viz – what does this buzzword even mean?

Data viz – what does this buzzword even mean? The concept of “data viz,” short for “data visualization,” has become increasingly common in recent years, yet it is still a relatively new field. With the vast array of information and multitude of analytical tools available to everyone today, we are inundated with reports full of […]


FIVE MISTAKES IN INVESTOR DECKS YOU WANT TO AVOID Discussing the product instead of the business Entrepreneurs are naturally enthusiastic about their venture and breakthrough product. About its potential, and how it’s going to affect people’s lives. But what interests and inspires investors is the business and its value, the combination and synergy between an […]

How to engage your audience when Data is the story …

How can presenters keep an audience engaged when going over large sets of data? It can be challenging keeping an audience-focused during a normal presentation, but graphs and pie charts can make it even more difficult to keep their attention. Here, Jude’s written these tips to make sure your next presentation establishes the story first, and then uses […]

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